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1.) Maintain healthy trees while preventing disease, insect infestation, or chopping down unnecessarily.

Effectively pruning and thinning your trees and not cutting unnecessary branches is key; over-pruning can put the tree at risk of malnourishment and interfere with structural integrity. Topping is a sure way of ruining the aesthetic appeal of a tree, weakening it, and exposing your tree to pests and disease. We can detect diseases and spot harmful insects while providing the appropriate treatment to prevent further deterioration — helping your trees flourish. A tree that seems dead, sick, or fragile can sometimes be saved, as removing a tree should almost always be a last resort. Weak branches can snap off and cause damage or injury, so reach out to a certified arborist from Ultimate Tree & Landscaping to help you determine whether branch removal or tree removal is needed.

2.) Select the right kind of tree and increase property value.

Well-maintained trees create character for your home or business, increasing curb appeal and enhancing your overall property value. Our professionals can help you select trees suitable for your region's climate, and plant a tree without damaging any underground or above ground structures. We assure that the desired location is free of utility lines or underground cables and far enough away from structures to ensure there is no root damage to your property over time.

3.) Avoid accidents and injuries.

Healthy Tree

Non-professionals can get injured or even killed when they contact the power through tools or limbs. There is a high risk of falling and being electrocuted when climbing a tree with nearby utility lines, and our professionals take the extra precautions needed to guarantee safety. We have extensive training that permits the execution of all our tasks safely.

4.) Tree care during emergencies and protecting yourself from legal action.

Not only limbs, but entire trees are damaged by heavy rains and high winds. Clearing deadwood is dangerous, hard work — our professionals can get the job done safely and in a timely manner. There is a risk of legal action if one of your trees falls on someone's home or if the roots damage their foundation, so we always recommend taking action well ahead of any potential issues. Allow us to check on the health of your trees and take steps to prevent this from happening. Beware; if you hire an individual without the necessary certification of insurance and they injure themselves while performing the work, you could be liable. Avoid the hassle and hire our dedicated professionals.

5.) Professional equipment.

Companies like ours that specialize in tree maintenance use professional, high-end equipment. Sometimes, it is special equipment only professional arborists can operate. There is also special equipment to help diagnose trees with certain illnesses. Contact us now to learn more.